About Blue Corals Dive

Blue Corals Dive Havelock is all about putting your needs first. All of our diving instructors are experienced, highly trained to make diving fun and thrilling. We offer a wide variety of courses, from the basic level all the way up to Professional. At Blue Corals Dive we are also heavily involved with reef conservation to ensure that Havelock stays, as it is… a paradise!

We pride ourselves in our personal care. We guarantee small group packages in a very relaxing atmosphere. All our equipment is in top condition and our instructors are well qualified to service the scuba units. We assure you that we take you to a wide range of dive sites and show you the enchanting marine world. We also start a bit late than the other dive schools to avoid the 'crowds'.

Blue Corals Dive is a small and cozy place that promises you an amazing experience and makes you want more and more every holiday.


Scuba for Beginners

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We Provide Excellent & Immaculate Services

  • Safe sightseeing packages around the islands
  • Pickup & dropping service
  • Transport in comfortable vehicles
  • Reservation at hotels of your choice

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